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A super fun session to add to my UWO Graduation London Ontario blog!  Kaitlyn and her friends wanted to capture the fun essence of their UWO days in a special way upon their graduation.  I was only too excited to help create these amazing images for them!  They were thrilled with the results and left the following review: Recently I had the pleasure of having Sandra take pictures of my friends and I for our graduation!! We had so much fun and Sandra knew exactly how to get the best smiles from us! I really enjoyed how she focused on the little details and took the time to get the best photos of all of us!! She was very accommodating and even went above and beyond to update us on weather conditions as they changed. Highly recommend you book her for graduation or family portraits as she knows how to make the whole group smile. I currently only have a sneak peak but I can’t wait to see the rest!!”

Gorgeous Custom Graduation Photography sessions are photographed in my boutique home-based studio and outside space (weather permitting). Offering a large variety of poses, props, neutral backdrop, and gorgeous outdoor spaces. Each session allows a generous amount of time to capture the true essence of this milestone portrait.

Professional graduation portraits are worth the effort
Despite the fact that nearly every digital device out there has the capability to shoot photos, it’s easy to tell the difference between a professional and an amateur graduation portrait. A great grad portrait, taken by a pro like Sandra, will help you look natural and photogenic; with lighting that will showcase your best features.

Choosing the right pro for your graduation portrait
With over 18 years of portrait experience, Sandra is widely considered to be one of the best portrait photographers in the London area. With the innate ability to make her clients feel very confident and comfortable in front of the camera the resulting grad portraits look relaxed and genuine. Sandra understands that it takes time to allow your image to unfold naturally in front of the camera.

Providing excellent direction she’ll ensure that you’re positioned well, using the best backdrop and lighting to enhance your grad portrait.  Sandra will take the time to review and discuss details ahead of time to ensure your milestone graduation portrait will be treasured for many years to come.

Location, location, location

While we offer a boutique studio environment (offering numerous backdrop areas as well as a fantastic brick wall and tall greenery areas in the outdoor space) on-location sessions are also available.

I would love to chat with you to find out more about your individual photography needs and ideas.  Graduation Photography London Ontario

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