Professional Headshots London Ontario

Book a professional headshot session and see what my clients are raving about. Through years of experience and a passion for photography I have developed a natural ability to make my clients feel very confident and comfortable while providing excellent direction during the professional headshot session. I have the utmost professionalism and encouragement during the session as I realize it is not easy to be on the “other side of the camera”. A lot of people want a good quick updated headshot.  I know that you have to take time to let your image unfold naturally in front of the camera. This does not always happen within the first couple of images. When my clients arrive we view together the clothes that they brought so that we can select the perfect pieces to accentuate their best features. Not rushing through the session helps put my clients at ease in front of the camera. Having a boutique studio environment I use this as an advantage for always trying new perspectives. It’s also ultra fabulous to a have a wonderful outdoor space (weather permitting) to capture a completely different vibe from the indoor session. The full custom sessions really help to provide longevity to your marketing material.  Being able to select images from “different outfits” and numerous backdrop areas inside the studio space as well as fantastic brick areas and tall greenery areas in the outdoor spaces.
Contact me today to book your professional headshot session in London Ontario and you will not be disappointed!

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